Requests - Touching the Water poem

Page last updated November 9, 2007

People drive by, over and sometimes through the streams and river
all around this world.
They get mad when the water is high.
They get angry when it smells.
They call on Washington when it is low.
But whenever they get in the stream, they touch it.
Suddenly, with that touch, to the person, young or old,
the water becomes a living entity.
They will pick up a stick floating down the stream and throw it up on the bank.
They will pick up a rock and look it over like they never saw one before.
They run their hand thru the water and notice the color and feel the coolness.
You put a transparency tube in their hand, they are never happy with one sample!
They suddenly realize this is not a product of Washington but of a God.
That is why I want people to sample from the stream.

But then they get out of the water and most, not the children, forget.
Once again the stream is just water.
Once again the water is just 'it'.
They lose all emotion about the water as long as it looks clear in that plastic bottle.
So along comes someone that finds something that is harming the water.
Most don't understand.
Most don't care.
Why are people like this? Some have told me that is just the way people are.

My reply?
We need to help them get in the water so they can touch...

Dave Ratliff